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We are experts in promotion and direct sales with extensive knowledge of motivation and leadership. As a young and dynamic team, we specialize in providing your company and your product with a professional, high-quality and efficient market presence. In a world full of sensory overload through advertising, you need a partner who will help you stand out, establish contact with customers, and then address them directly. We offer you tailor-made services for you, taking into account the goals you pursue and act accordingly. We always try to take your suggestions and wishes into account, because cooperation is very important to us.


Have we piqued your interest? 

Then do not hesitate to call us or leave us an e-mail. We are also not afraid of a personal meeting, if you want to get a picture of us and our qualities yourself. Of course, everything is without obligation.


Inspiring employees and sparking their passion for a product and an activity through targeted coaching drives us constantly to new peak performances!


That is our motto, as we as a company ourselves live and which we also try to convey to our partners. The dedication and determination of employee leadership is, among other things, the key to the success of your Promotion. For us, it is essential to encourage employees and thereby to ignite your motivation, because only by an initiative and inspired behavior of employees, maximum benefits can be achieved.


A perfectly organized and structured complete package for the promotion you are planning, including your own employees and locations. Furthermore, we offer the opportunity to coach existing employees of you and to recruit new talent. In our coaching you will learn to lead managers more efficiently and better in order to optimize the results you want. Among other things, we can also score with an in-house designer who designs and creates your complete campaign, exactly according to your wishes and standards. We are happy to launch new projects and campaigns together with you. We take our work very seriously, because professionalism and reliability are the be-all and end-all of a functioning company. Customer satisfaction is a must for us and always comes first. 


The development of employees and executives is very important to us in coaching. In addition, we can offer you a competent, motivated and dedicated team, which acts with passion and ambition on a daily basis.